Air Freight Services

Domestic and international air transportation services, we will ensure that your shipment is sent to your desired destination. And it arrives when you need it fast.

With this air cargo service, you can send goods, regardless of size and weight (according to the size of the aircraft door and maximum weight according to airline regulations), quickly and cheaply.

Our air freight division is ready to provide you with services to almost any location. Due to the increasing demand for shorter transit times in the world of shipping goods, starting from the packaging of goods which must comply with standards, we also recommend that every item sent via air be insured.

Currently we serve deliveries with a port to port or port to door system, depending on customer needs. Timeliness or scheduled delivery of goods is greatly influenced by the mode of transportation and this is the most important part of maximizing service to customers.

By collaborating with several well-known airlines in Indonesia, we really prioritize customer needs, especially in providing the best service based on on-time delivery, affordable prices, and a truly organized schedule concept.

Compared to other cargo delivery service methods, sending goods by air is the most practical, fast and safe. Generally, this type of delivery is carried out by those who have urgent needs so that the goods sent must arrive at their destination within a certain time limit. Unfortunately, for air cargo it is clear that the number and dimensions of the goods sent are limited.